Dec 282012

Angelo - Female Agent

I decided to have a little fun with Angelo as soon as he walked in. It was his first ever casting so I knew he had no reason to question anything I did to him, or asked of him. I started by teasing him about doing some gay porn and he got a little bit nervous so I decided to get him out of his clothes as quickly as possible before he pondered too long on whether I would really stick a finger up his ass.

He had an amazing body and a cock like King Kong’s finger, but the trouble started when I decided to help him get hard. I almost took for granted I was going to get a good fucking out of this sculpted body but his stamina left a lot to be desired. Throughout the casting his balls were in danger of unloading and he was constantly asking me to slow down, or complaining he was going to cum soon. I’ve never seen balls twitch so much, they we’re like a rabbits nose. It’s hard for a girl to enjoy herself when she thinks the guys about to end the session just as it’s getting good by taking the safety of his testicles. With perseverance we got through to the end of the shoot and I did get an orgasm, but I’m not sure if he’d be cut out for the life of a porn star even if I could get him work.

I can be such a bitch sometimes tho, because he had such a lack of self control I made him lick his cum off my breast which he did willingly enough. Maybe he would be better off in gay porn? I sent him packing with instructions to practice wanking and his self control. Let’s hope the next guy I get can reign in his balls a bit more.

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Dec 202012

Nothing gets me hornier then innocence and naivety and when Sandra walked through the casting room door I knew she was full of both. She looked like a hippie chick and she wanted to be a fashion model. She was a very cute looking girl and I wanted her licking my pussy and squeezing on my tits. So we went down the usual road of fashion model and then I got her naked with the old classic that even fashion models need to show some skin. She has pert small tits and a very nice looking pussy, she smelt fresh as well and had a very cute backside.

I convinced her that porn was the way to go and for her to do girl/girl as she had a boyfriend. She was very nervous but I needed satisfying soon so I got her to do a solo scene with my special vibrator. I brought the camera closer and as I watched her play with her pussy I couldn’t help but reach out and squeeze on her soft breasts, her nipples jutted out proud and at my insistence she showed me her real orgasm. That got my juices flowing like the Nile, but she was still surprisingly nervous when I kissed her.

I went for the direct approach and asked her to lick my pussy so I could see her talents. With a little coaching and because my horn dial was turned up to 11, it wasn’t long before I was cumming all over that pretty little tongue. With some help she may be a future porn star, but never a fashion model and neither of them with me.

Dec 182012

Dana on Couch - Female Agent

Dana wants to be in a porno, so she decides to stop by for an interview with a Female Agent. Lucky for us, Dana has a stunningly toned body and loves to show it off!

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Dec 162012